Finding Shelter’s 5th Annual Sproutfest

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Greetings! We have just returned from an amazing weekend in Philadelphia at Finding Shelter’s 5th Annual Sproutfest. It was awesome to see over 20 shelters and rescue groups gathered in one place; all working hard to place these special dogs with forever families. Working with a team of dedicated volunteers, Grace Kelly Herbert and her husband Steve, founders of the non-profit Finding Shelter Animal Rescue, have matched over 300 dogs and cats with people ready to welcome them into their families. The turnout of Finding Shelter alumni and their forever families was absolutely inspiring and illustrates what is possible when two people spend 24/7 day after day saving them, dog by dog.

To see the full gallery, visit the Event Gallery on Facebook and don’t forget to visit our friends over at Finding Shelter

Finding Shelter invited us to Sproutfest to honor the team behind DOG BY DOG. While my wife, Leigh, and I (and daughter Ella) were the only ones of the film team that were able to attend, it goes without saying that DBD would not be happening without the tremendous support of Executive Producer Christina Ksoll, DP & Editor Travis Edwards, and the other 38 members on the team that have helped bring this film into reality. We had a wonderful time meeting supporters of the film and continuing to spread the word about DBD and our “Journey for Change.”

FSA Award for Dog by Dog
When we returned home to Chicago last night, I was thinking about what I wanted to say about our travels to Sproutfest and happened to stop by and grab the mail on the way. Amongst the junk, bills, and various letters was one from Los Angeles with a simple photo of a dog outside a McDonald’s and a $20 check towards the production of DBD. While it came with no letter describing the backstory or even the name of the beautiful dog in the photo, I believe the photo itself answered “why” they decided to help. I don’t know if this dog was a mill rescue. I don’t know if this dog’s parents continue to suffer in the mills. I only know that the joy this dog has brought this family compelled them to help make DBD…which brings me back to Sproutfest.

We may be “officially” making the documentary…but the DBD TEAM is really the +825 individuals and organizations that have supported us over the past 2 years. Every donation has a story behind it. Nearly all have a single dog’s story behind them. Whether a mill puppy that the breeder was unable to sell because of a “deformity,” a breeder girl that could no longer produce profits, or simply a dog that was there offering love to someone when the rest of the world had turned their back, these experiences are the foundation on which DBD was built. It is YOU that was recognized on Sunday. It is a tremendous honor for the whole DBD film team to have your trust placed in us to make this film and we appreciate EVERY ONE of you.

We will hold those responsible, accountable. We will shame those behind this horrible practice. We will make this film without gory images that would compel the general public to turn the channel. We will work our damnedest to reach as many eyeballs as possible. We will make you proud of supporting this film. Our “Journey for Change” will really kick into high gear in early 2015 with the national release of DBD. Of course I will email all our supporters when we know all the details!

THANK YOU Grace, Steve and the whole Finding Shelter family for welcoming us with open arms last Saturday. To all of our supporters and friends, THANK YOU for your contributions and multiple shares across social media. There are over 3,000 DOG BY DOG bumper stickers across the US (and nearly 300 t-shirts), so if you would like to help our 501c3 non-profit film company get DOG BY DOG fully funded, please join today. Who knew you could make a feature-length documentary by selling bumper stickers and t-shirts?

Join Today and outfit yourself and your vehicle!

Christopher E. Grimes: Director of DOG BY DOG

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